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05 February 2018 | Malaria true prevalence
Malaria is one of the major causes of childhood death in sub-Saharan countries. A reliable estimation of malaria prevalence is important to guide and monitor progress toward control and elimination. In a new study published in Malaria Journal, we estimated the true prevalence of malaria in children under five in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya, using a Bayesian modelling framework that combined in a novel way malaria data from national household surveys with external information about the sensitivity and specificity of the malaria diagnostic methods used in those surveys--i.e., rapid diagnostic tests and light microscopy.

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Burden and risk assessment play an increasingly important and accepted role in defining control policies for foodborne parasites. For the second edition of Foodborne Parasites, edited by Ynes Ortega and Charles Sterling, we wrote a chapter on the methodological basis of burden and risk assessment, within the context of foodborne parasites.

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