CBRA Projects
The CBRA is currently developing methods for DALY calculation and true prevalence estimation. It is also conducting various national and global burden of disease assessments.

DALY methodology

The disability-adjusted life year is an increasingly used summary measure of public health. We study the DALY methodology and are developing user-friendly DALY calculation tools.

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True prevalence methodology

We are studying and developing Bayesian methods for estimating true prevalence from apparent prevalence. We are developing user-friendly tools for prevalence assessment studies.

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Burden of disease in Belgium and Nepal

We are currently assessing the burden of various infectious and non-infectious diseases in Belgium and Nepal. An important focus is on the burden of foodborne diseases.

BelgiumNepalFoodborne disease

Global burden of foodborne disease

We are actively supporting the Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG), who is advising the World Health Organization on the global burden of foodborne disease.

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ParaCalc® aims to provide tools to assist the veterinarian and the farmer in the control of parasitic infections in livestock and to judge the economic impact they have on a particular farm. We contribute to the implementation of the ParaCalc® tools.

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CYSTINET is a European network on taeniosis/cysticercosis, funded by COST. We contribute to burden and risk assessments and the development of transmission models.

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Risk-based control of Trichinella and Taenia saginata

We provided FAO/WHO with our expertise to help developing risk-based examples for Trichinella spp. and Taenia saginata control in meat.

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