The CBRA is a knowledge center for burden of disease and risk assessment methodology. It applies these methods to study the health and economic impact of public and animal health threats.


04 February 2015 | FERG Symposium
Save the date: FERG Symposium on 'The Global Burden of Foodborne Diseases', 1-2 October 2015, jointly organized by WHO and RIVM.

FERG is providing estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases, according to age, sex and region, for a defined list of causative agents of microbial, parasitic, and chemical origin, thereby strengthening the capacity of countries to assess the burden of foodborne disease and increasing awareness and commitment for the implementation of food safety standards.

Join this symposium to learn about state-of-the art methodologies, acquaint with the results and engage in stakeholder discussions.

Learn more via http://rivm.nl/media/nieuwsbrief/Ferg-symposium/.